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Palestinian Emancipatory Alphabets

Palestinian Emancipatory Alphabets targets researchers and activists who are immersed in the question about emancipation. It is a dictionary of concepts, which serve as tools for the Palestinian emancipatory project, and contribute to the conceptual discussion about emancipation, justice, and freedom. The goal of Palestinian Emancipatory Alphabets is to contribute to the formation of the political emancipatory realm, and the intellectual and theoretical underpinning of the emancipatory epistemology that serves the emancipatory project.

Editorial Committee

Title Authorsort descending Date of Publication
Zionism Ilan Pappe 6 September 2021
The New Historians Ilan Pappe 6 September 2021
Ethnic Cleansing Ilan Pappe 9 August 2021
Colonialism Rana Barakat 23 September 2021
Apartheid Richard Falk 1 August 2021
Human Rights Lori Allen 16 August 2021