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Decolonization is a Global Project: From palestine to the Americas

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The paper is an introduction to an issue focused on Palestine and in presenting the papers, it insists on the need to reconnect Palestine and its struggle to other struggles around the world, finding similarities and commonalities among the practices implemented by colonial extractive capitalism in different settings. Dynamics of settler invasion of territories, the dispossession of Indigenous people and capitalist modes of accumulation go hand in hand with racialization combining to create dynamics that are then context-specific but can yet form threads. Racial capitalism as a notion needs to be explored in its practices of coercive labour regimes that have always been integral to the accumulation of capital and the formation of racialized structures. The authors insist on the need for anti-colonial struggles committed to decolonization to engage with these notions. Settler colonialism and racialized accumulative capitalism have to be investigated from different perspectives, ranging from political economy to law and labour laws. Moreover, it needs to be explored how colonial powers counteract resistance and struggle by imposing and exercising oppressive practices in the most intimate parts of lives and spaces. Hence, Palestine can benefit from the studies and comparison with other struggles, while its analysis can shed light on the practices of settler-colonialism beyond its context. Palestine then has to be set in the global decolonial thought, where its practices and aspirations are imagined within the indigenous people struggle for sovereignty and liberty in a transnational movement.  

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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society