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Afterward - Anthropology and Corruption: the State of the Art

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This afterward of the book volume Corruption: Anthropological Perspectives argues for an anthropological perspective on corruption and examines the value of anthropological approaches to corruption studies. The author argues that a fresh anthropological perspective on corruption can create a dynamic and nuanced rendering of cultural meanings and ambiguities related to corruption. An anthropology of corruption promises to investigate the complex construction of identity on multiple supralocal levels; to investigate power relations; to question the bases from which cultural differences are adjudicated; and provide locally grounded information of how anti-corruption measures are received and what are the most effective mechanisms of accountability and reform. It deals with going beyond simply registering the presence of corruption in the form of, for example, bribery, but towards broader analysis and critical engagement. The author also argues that Anthropology allows for a critical engagement with the private/public distinction allowing for the masking of forms of privilege including those of class, gender and ethnicity.

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Pluto Press
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Corruption: Anthropological Perspectives