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Donate for Suha Jarrar Scholarship for Human Rights

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13 October 2022

Following the launch of Suha Jarrar Scholarship for Human Rights, Muwatin Institute announces that donations are open for the scholarship through the following link: Give Today | Advancement Office ( (make sure you specify this scholarship - Suha Jarrar's Scholarship for Human Rights- on the designation field)

Suha Jarrar is a feminist and rights activist; she worked as a researcher in Al-Haq Organization. Her research interests is focused on human rights and environmental justice. This scholarship comes in her honor and is a tribute to her soul; the scholarship is based on donations from her friends and loved ones.
The scholarship is divided into two components:

1)    Covering tuition fees: this scholarship is intended to cover tuition fees for up to 30 credit hours over a period of no more than three academic years. 

2)    Work and research scholarship at Muwatin Institute: The scholarship is for students who have demonstrated an interest in issues related to human rights and environmental justice and the challenges and obstacles associated with realizing the right to a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment. The scholarship is designed for students of the MA in Democracy and Human Rights