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Symposium on the Occasion of Launching the Joint Research Project “Emancipatory Human Rights”

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Convention Date:
17 April 2024

Invitation to the Launch of the Joint Research Project “Emancipatory Human Rights”

Muwatin Institute for Democracy and Human Rights in cooperation with the University of Antwerp (Belgium) launches the research project “Emancipatory Human Rights”. The project benefits from support provided by the Belgian government through the Belgian Development Agency- Enabel. The research project aims to investigate ways to ensure human rights are used exclusively for emancipation, and to examine the possibilities of protecting human rights from colonial utilization. In addition to the conceptual development, the research project includes developing policy briefs that discuss the impact of the colonial condition on human rights in Palestine.

The project is based on a vision of the organic nature of the emancipatory knowledge production. For this purpose, the project was designed to provide a central role for youth in the research process, as well as to accommodate for the broadest possible communal contribution.

We will begin the project with an inaugural event. In the event a number of interventions on the following topics will be presented: The current status of international law regarding Palestine; The status of Palestinian rights in a changing world; The right to education in Gaza in light of the destruction that the Israeli aggression has caused and continues to cause; The possibility of a rights based approach to defend Palestinian prisoners held by the occupying power; Youth tendencies to engage in change processes; and Manifestations of the fusion of violence and racism in the current genocide (particularly in Gaza).

The activity will be held on Prisoner's Day, Wednesday, April 17, 2024 between 13:00 and 17:00 at Birzeit University campus in Hall 234 in the annex building of the Institute of Law.




Registration and Coffee


Welcoming Remarks and Project Overview

Address by Birzeit University Vice President for Community Affairs Alaa Alazzeh

Address by Project Co-director (Antwerp University) Koen De Feyter

Address by Project Co-director (Birzeit University) Mudar Kassis


Session I:

Positioning Palestine within the Growing Challenges of Human RightsThe Economy of Colonisation

Chair: George Giacaman


International Law and Gaza

Koen De Feyter


The Palestinian Question in the current Global Context

Mudar Kassis







Session II:

Snapshots of Research Project Rubrics

Chair: Jamil Salem


The Fusion of Violence and Racism in Palestine: Gender Manifestations during the War on Gaza

Maha Abdallah


Popular Emancipatory Education in the Colonial Condition

Dana Farraj


The Human Rights Based Approach in the Colonial Context

Sahar Francis





Round Table:

Discussion about Youth Initiatives

Facilitator: Ahmad Abu Zayyad



Asil Hussein

AlAziz Atef

Salam AlBotmeh

Yasmine Jubeh